Donor Screening

Creating your family with trust and transparency

Our open donor matching process takes place via our extensive online database where intended parents have the ability to review the profiles of our candidates for egg donation and evaluate criteria for family matching purposes including:

  • Age
  • Medical history
  • Blood type
  • Donation history
  • Physical appearance
  • Field of study
  • Current occupation

Egg donor assessment

We require that all of our donors be non-smokers, between the age of 21 – 29, and with a healthy BMI. ESHRE and Ministry of Health standard screening and tests are provided to our egg donors as well as additional assessments including:

  • Mental health history clearance
  • Family medical history clearance (no more than one occurrence of cancer, except for non-genetic variations, such as leukemia and lung), heart disease
  • CBC/hb- Complete blood count/ hemoglobin;
  • Blood group / Rhesus;
  • HIV – Human immunodeficiency virus;
  • HbsAg – Hepatitis B;
  • VDRL- Syphilis;
  • HCV- Hepatitis C
  • IVF education and training