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Dear (no longer “intended”) Parent,

We hope you are enjoying early parenthood and all the magic that goes along with it.

Be Gentle with yourself. You have undergone a huge life change over a relatively short window of time, not to mention you’ve also lived in a foreign country for an extended period. You’ve had to adapt to new lifestyle aspects. Your daily schedule is undoubtedly transformed. You may also find your friendships starting to change too or that your relationship with your partner is taking on a different dynamic. With this in mind, remember that although your new addition is certainly a much-awaited miracle, it is also quite normal to struggle during this transitional period as a new parent. 

We loved being a part of your surrogacy journey; it goes without saying that watching your joy was rewarding for every member of our team. We know from lots of experience that no surrogacy journey is bump-free and we hope that we helped you with some of the more challenging aspects too… so you felt prepared or at least always accompanied.

We love what we do and your feedback will help us improve our programs to benefit future intended parents who are now in the very same shoes you only just outgrew. We would be so grateful if you could take a little time (although we know it’s more scarce now) to complete our journey review form.

11. If you rewind to the start of your journey, you will remember that agency reviews hold a lot of weight when considering where to place your trust. If you've been happy with us, it would mean a lot if we could share your review below on our website / or social media platforms.
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Thank you for taking the time to help us and future intended parents. We love updates from the families we’ve supported and hope you stay in touch!