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Be Parent oversees the creation of family through surrogacy, from the very beginning, extending support even well after birth. Our approach is unified and simple as we guide intended parents through this life-changing experience step-by-step.

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Expert Guidance

We understand this is a time of uncertainty, and we’ve got you.

As an agency with first-hand experience in infertility issues, we know exactly what you’re going through.  All of our team-members have had personal challenges creating their own families and, with this, bring added sensitivity and compassion to their roles. We provide a surrogacy experience designed to respect the individual criteria of both intended parents and assisting surrogate partner. Considering your unique story and understanding the hurdles you’ve cleared to get here are an important base for successful family building.


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About Us

With dedication and carefully tailored programs, Be parent has a place for everyone.

Between chapters in both Georgia and Cyprus, Be Parent has a place for everyone. We integrate our philosophy that, every one of us deserves a family, into each personalized fertility blueprint we create. 

Our team includes an in-house village of dedicated professionals and all under one roof. From Be Parent’s donor and surrogate triple screening measures, to our legal team – all the needed elements to provide a safe and successful pathway to parenthood are within our framework.

Trust happens with transparency and our aim is to share the steps we’ve taken to safeguard the trust placed in our hands.

Let us help you take the first step.

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Why Be Parent?

A Secure and Memorable Fertility Journey

No Wait

While most fertility clinics have a wait of 6 months or more, our IVF processes begin immediately at contract signing and matching processes within one month of registration.

No Hidden Costs​

All payments are included in program cost and clearly outlined ahead of time for careful budgeting and planning.

Full Legal Support​

Our experienced legal team is in-house and on hand to assist in obtaining your baby’s birth certificate and exit documents for a smooth return home.

Complete Guidance

We understand that for intended parents, embarking on a surrogacy journey involves much research and questioning. It can feel daunting at the beginning, which is why we have created a highly practiced and skilled team with personal infertility experience to guide you from program initiation until your flight home as a new family.

Streamlined Exit Process

An organised exit process is crucial for intended parents participating in surrogacy abroad. Be Parent’s in-house team of professionals are equipped to handle all the legal and logistical steps required so the return after birth is as quick and stress-free as possible.

Success Stories

We know what you’re going through

We’re all familiar with infertility issues ourselves at Be Parent. In fact, some of our team members have experienced a surrogacy journey too. We asked our staff to share their personal stories with you. Read about real Be Parent experiences in family building. 

Stephanie Martin

Branch Manager, Cyprus

Stephanie Martin is our branch manager in Cyprus. Her caring, wise, loving and insightful approach never ceases to amaze our patients, but some of them don’t know that Stephanie has actually gone through surrogacy herself. You would love to hear about it. We asked her to share her own memories with us. Read Full Story

Tamar Bejhashvili​

Manager Of Surrogates & Egg Donors​

Tamar is our manager of surrogates and egg donors. Working with these wonderful women requires a deep understanding and compassion, and no one can give them the support they need more than a brave woman who’s been exactly where they are right now! Tamar was an egg donor herself, so we asked her to share her story with us. Read Full Story

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Everyone needs friends to lean on. We’ve teamed up with several reputable providers worldwide to provide a reliable support network for you.

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Your baby’s birth story is important to us – we want to make sure it’s retold with love. Read on to hear former parents’ takes on their pathway to parenthood with us.


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Are you ready for the lifetime gift of parenthood? To be a patient and loving teacher, leader and protector? And to also…change diapers, wake up at odd hours, nurse stomach flus and experience your first break-up all over again through your teenager? 

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