Surrogacy In Cyprus

Discover new destinations – try Surrogacy in Cyprus

Surrogacy in Cyprus is the most comfortable for intended parents who are single or are in a LGBTQ+ relationship with their partner. Choosing the best suitable country for surrogacy defines your whole journey. Each country that allows surrogacy has their own laws surrounding it and Cyprus is one of the countries where this process is transparent, affordable and trouble-free. 

Be Parent has a reputable and well-known branch in Cyprus – a country that captivates visitors with its immense beauty, ancient history and modernity. Surrogacy laws in Cyprus guarantee a safe and enjoyable journey to couples of all statuses.

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Why choose Surrogacy in Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, famous for its mineral wealth, superb wines and produce, and natural beauty. Located near Turkey, Greece, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Israel, this small country offers a great experience to everyone who’s lucky to visit it. Aside from its unique geography and history, Cyprus is one of the greatest destinations for surrogacy.

Surrogacy laws in Cyprus allows intended parents from all over the world to fulfill their dream of having a baby in an easy, comfortable and unchallenged way. Couples of all statuses, no matter their sexual orientation or relationship status, can pursue surrogacy in Cyprus, which is a huge advantage, since many other countries demand a certification of marriage or a proof that the couple has been living together for years. Some countries do not allow single intended parents or LGBTQ+ couples to have a baby via surrogacy, so Surrogacy in Cyprus is a marvelous chance of becoming a parent! 

In addition to this, surrogacy prices in Cyprus are affordable – this is a huge relief to international intended parents who want to visit the country where their future baby is going to be born and meet with their surrogate mother and representatives of their agency. Lovely scenery, ancient history and rich culture of this astonishing country are an added bonus to intended parents who want to pursue Surrogacy in Cyprus!