Surrogate Carrier Screening

We want you to feel comfortable and confident that our surrogate team has been selected with the utmost care. Our screening tests comply with ESHRE and ASRM regulations and we ensure our program candidates are physically healthy, free of contagious disease, and have had optimum previous pregnancies and deliveries. We ensure every surrogate partner is well-suited to carry a pregnancy to full-term and that lifestyle preferences are conducive to a healthy and secure journey.

Surrogate Carrier screening

One of the first questions intended parents should ask a surrogacy agency is how their surrogate team is screened, and if the screening is done prior to being matched. The screening process helps agencies understand a woman’s motivation to become a surrogate, what their support systems will be, as well as their physical and emotional history. Equally, this screening provides protection and security for intended parents.

Surrogate Mother Selection Criteria

Finding the right surrogate mother for your growing family is one of the most important steps in the surrogacy process. The best fit can be different for every parent, depending on your unique wants and needs.

To help guide you through the selection process, Be Parent’s medical coordinator will recommend a candidate from our pool of reliable surrogate mothers who have already undergone the following stages of the screening process.

Interview and Psychological Screening

Surrogacy often requires a year or more of commitment to another family. A surrogate undergoes medical and psychological evaluation throughout pregnancy and through the birth of a baby that isn’t her own.

Because of these unique circumstances, all of Be Parent’s surrogate mothers are thoroughly vetted prior to acceptance. Interviews serve multiple purposes, including ensuring that the candidate fully understands and accepts these responsibilities and the potential challenges they may face as a surrogate mother. Candidates must prove that they are trustworthy, responsible, and committed to seeing any pregnancy through to completion. Only candidates who are fully prepared for the role are welcomed into the Be Parent family.

Interview with Family

Because support is critical for the success of any pregnancy, Be Parent has made it a requirement that we meet each of our surrogate mother’s families to ensure they support her decision. This ensures that the surrogate will have the support and care they need for mental and emotional well-being throughout pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby. This interview includes a house visit to check that living conditions are suitable for pregnancy and meet Be Parent’s established safety standards.

Criminal Background Check

Once a surrogate mother candidate passes her initial interview and psychological screening, Be Parent performs a criminal background check and obtains an official certificate from the appropriate government institution. This confirms the surrogate candidate does not have any criminal history for the safety of our parents and babies.

Marital Status Check

Through countless journeys helping parents from all over the world achieve their dreams of parenthood, Be Parent is well-versed in surrogate laws and procedures in various locations. Some countries and embassies require by law that surrogate mothers are single, unmarried women. To abide by these laws, Be Parent requests that surrogate mother candidates provide official certification from an appropriate government institution regarding their marital status. This prevents any potential obstacles following the birth of the baby as we will assign a proper surrogate for your program.

Age Factor

Many parents instinctively want to choose a young surrogate mother, but we know from experience that age is not the best factor in determining whether or not a surrogate candidate is the best fit. For example, a younger surrogate mother in her twenties may lead a busier, more active lifestyle, but an older surrogate mother in her thirties or early forties may be more stable, responsible, and calm. Since a surrogate mother does not use her own eggs, age is not as important as other factors, such as the surrogate’s overall pregnancy history, in determining whether she is a good candidate. Be Parent’s surrogate mothers are between 20 and 42 years old, and our team is here to help guide you through this selection process.

Medical Screening

Once a surrogate mother passes all of Be Parent’s checks and interviews, she is referred to our doctor for medical assessment. Every surrogate mother candidate is thoroughly examined for viruses, sexually transmitted diseases, and hormones. An ultrasound scan is performed to verify that her endometrium is good and she is capable of carrying a healthy baby to term.

Assigning Surrogate Mothers

Be Parent’s high-success rate comes from our highly qualified, trained, and dedicated team of medical professionals. They ensure that only the best embryos are transferred into a well-prepared endometrium. Doctors are given full flexibility to assign surrogate mothers to a program based on their professional judgment and to transfer an embryo into their selected surrogate’s endometrium during an ideal period. Because of this necessary flexibility to obtain the highest possible success rate, please note that Be Parent’s doctor and medical coordinator will assign a surrogate candidate for you.

Meet your Surrogate Mother

We completely understand that this journey is one of the most emotional experiences. When choosing a surrogate mother, you want to make sure you are putting your family’s future and your baby’s life into the best, most trustworthy, and reliable hands. We want you to feel as comfortable and confident in your decision as possible, so we invite you to request a meeting with your surrogate mother in person. This will allow you to personally get to know your surrogate mother so you can entrust that she will carry the pregnancy as if it were her own, keeping your baby safe and healthy.

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