Legal Support

We Provide Full In-House Legal Support

Surrogacy and egg donation are emotional processes, and also complex from a legal standpoint. Having sound legal expertise throughout your journey is essential for keeping processes on track. Intended parents should look to work with legal advisers in their native country experienced in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Law. At Be Parent, every intended parent is provided in-house legal management for a smooth exit from Georgia, and also support in establishing their parental rights according to their native country’s legal code.

Legal Features

Intended parents are afforded 100% parentage rights in Georgia; your surrogate partner is not recognized as the legal mother of your baby.

Birth Certificate Is Issued Within 10 days after birth

Intended Parents' names stand alone on the birth certificate

Intended Parents do not need consent from their surrogate partner to be registered as the child's legal parents

Open or "Known" donation is permitted

Anonymous donation or embryos created using anonymous donors are not permitted

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According To Article 144

Georgian legislation (Article 144), stipulates that open egg and sperm donation are allowed. This means that the identity of the donor assisting you can be disclosed. Upon agreement, you can meet the egg or sperm donor helping you, in person, if desired.