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If you’re researching options to expand your family, our team is here to guide you. Our function is to educate you on every surrogacy program available, and help you select the best fit according to your budget, timeframe and legal requirements. Let us shoulder the planning. Support from the right people can help you realize your family goals with no delay. 

Self-Cycle & Surrogacy
Stimulation, egg retrieval and embryo creation using your own gametes
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) & Surrogacy
2 attempts at transfer for embryos already created
Attempt By Attempt Donation & Surrogacy
Embryo creation, using egg donation, with two attempts at transfer
Unlimited IVF up to 12 weeks gestation
Limitless embryo creation, using egg donation, until 12 weeks of pregnancy
Assured Family Building
Unlimited embryo creation, using egg donation, until healthy, live birth
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Frequently Asked Questions About Surrogacy

Whether you’re considering surrogacy, becoming a parent through surrogacy or still researching what surrogacy is all about, you will undoubtedly have many questions along the way…

How do I/we get started on the surrogacy process?

At Be Parent, we are able to offer our Intended parents the highest level of personalized service. In order to guide you according to your needs we will need answers to the following question: Are egg and/or sperm donors needed? Do you have frozen embryos already created and ready to use? Do you, as intended parents, need any additional screening or testing before proceeding with an IVF cycle?

Why should I use a surrogacy agency?

Using an agency is a good idea for all parties involved. An agency can help protect the important relationship between the surrogate and intended parents. At be parent agency we provide emotional and psychological support for each individual involved in the process. Discussions over cost, fertility specialists, IVF centers, escrow accounts, lawyers, paperwork and scheduling appointments can cause unwelcome stress during an otherwise extraordinary and loving process. Using a surrogacy agency to manage the process and handle the details allows intended parents and gestational carriers to feel secure, knowing the surrogacy plan is mutually agreed upon, and everyone’s interests are protected.

How much does surrogacy cost?

There are many variables, so it’s tough to come up with a figure. It truly depends on your individual situation and needs. A general estimate would be $28 500 – $70 000, including the surrogate’s compensation.

What is a woman’s motivation to be a surrogate?

The most common answer to this question, hands down, is the desire to share the amazing gift of being a parent with someone who isn’t able to have this experience otherwise. Women tell us how much they loved being pregnant, and know that their families are complete, they can’t wait to see the joy on a new parent’s face when their sweet bundle comes into the world. While there is compensation for the surrogate, that is very rarely the sole motivation. Many use this money to fund their child’s or their own college education or as a down payment on a house.

What kind of relationship will our surrogate want during the pregnancy and after birth?

Great question! And one that has many different answers. This is a significant part of the surrogacy journey, and we do our best to match expectations on both sides, as good communication is key. The majority of gestational carriers and intended parents would like to experience appointments together when possible, especially the big ones…hearing baby’s heartbeat or ultrasounds. They also want a fair amount of communication. Some prefer more or less. Other intended parents aren’t able to be as involved during pregnancy purely due to location.

How to start the procedure?

In three simple steps, you will receive an individual report with useful tips. Our team of specialists will evaluate your particular case to recommend you the best fit for your needs and meet our rigorous quality standards.

You’ve been waiting long enough

Are you ready for the lifetime gift of parenthood? To be a patient and loving teacher, leader and protector? And to also…change diapers, wake up at odd hours, nurse stomach flus and experience your first break-up all over again through your teenager? 

We’re here to help. 

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