Be Parent is a full-service surrogacy agency dedicated to fulfil your dreams of being a parent. We offer a compassionate, caring approach while guiding you through your surrogacy and IVF journey.

Personal Experience

We understand this is a time of uncertainty, and We’re here to support you

As an agency with personal experience with infertility issues, we know exactly what you’re going through. We acknowledge that every couple has their own journey and individual preferences, so we do everything in our power to help you turn your dreams into a reality while providing you with care, tenderness, and understanding. We know that after several failed attempts, intended parents need some time to get ready for their surrogacy journey. If you’re thinking about pursuing surrogacy, you can always talk to us and get to know the process before you make a life-changing decision.


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About Us

We’re on a mission to make your dream come true

Every couple deserves an opportunity to be a parent – this is what Be Parent has been working towards for more than 3 years. We offer comprehensive surrogacy and egg donation services to intended parents who dream of completing their families and bringing a healthy baby home. 

Due to our dedication and carefully tailored programs, we’ve managed to achieve a 99% success rate for those who had a baby from their first transfer, or completed at least two transfers. Whether you are a heterosexual or LGBTQ+ individual or a couple, making miracles happen for you is our mission. Take a step forward and contact our consultants right away!

Our Benefits

The Comfortable, Secure and Enjoyable fertility journey

Faster Process

While most Fertility Clinics make you wait 6 months or more, we start off our procedures right after you sign the contract

No hidden costs​

All payments are included into your chosen packages – For the payment structure we use “pay as you go” method Our financial

Full Legal Support​

Our experienced, well-known lawyers will help you receive your baby’s passport in your embassy without any complications

Complete Guidance

We know that going through surrogacy comes with a lot of questions and, sometimes, anxiety. That’s why we appoint the greatest

Easy exit process ​

An organised exit process is obligatory when intended parents pursue surrogacy overseas. Be Parent has perfected its approach

Success Stories

We know what you’re going through

We’re extremely familiar with infertility issues ourselves. In fact, some of our coworkers have gone through the same journey as you! We asked our coworkers to share their own stories with you.

Stephanie Martin

Branch Manager, Cyprus

Stephanie Martin is our branch manager in Cyprus. Her caring, wise, loving and insightful approach never ceases to amaze our patients, but some of them don’t know that Stephanie has actually gone through surrogacy herself. You would love to hear about it. We asked her to share her own memories with us. Read Full Story

Tamar Bejhashvili​

Manager Of Surrogates & Egg Donors​

Tamar is our manager of surrogates and egg donors. Working with these wonderful women requires a deep understanding and compassion, and no one can give them the support they need more than a brave woman who’s been exactly where they are right now! Tamar was an egg donor herself, so we asked her to share her story with us. Read Full Story

Working With Us

Be Parent – Partnerships

To complete our mission of bringing joy into the lives of our intended parents, We’ve teamed up with several worthy, well-known companies around the world to offer the best service to our patients!

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How Intended Parent Describe BeParent

Satisfaction and happiness of our intended parent is extremely important to us – after all, everything we do is to make miracles happen for them! Read about our intended parents’ personal experience with Be Parent


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