Be Parent is a full-service surrogacy agency dedicated to fulfil your dreams of being a parent. We offer a compassionate, caring approach while guiding you through your surrogacy and IVF journey.

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Satisfaction and happiness of our patients is extremely important to us – after all, everything we do is to make miracles happen for them! Read about our intended parents’ personal experience with Be Parent

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The Comfortable, Secure and Enjoyable fertility journey

Faster Process

While most Fertility Clinics make you wait 6 months or more, we start off our procedures right after you sign the contract

No hidden costs​

All payments are included into your chosen packages – For the payment structure we use “pay as you go” method Our financial

Full Legal Support​

Our experienced, well-known lawyers will help you receive your baby’s passport in your embassy without any complications

Complete Guidance

We know that going through surrogacy comes with a lot of questions and, sometimes, anxiety. That’s why we appoint the greatest

Easy exit process ​

An organised exit process is obligatory when intended parents pursue surrogacy overseas. Be Parent has perfected its approach

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Be Parent – Partnerships

To complete our mission of bringing joy into the lives of our intended parents, We’ve teamed up with several worthy, well-known companies around the world to offer the best service to our patients!

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