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Single Parents: Can They Pursue Surrogacy?

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Becoming a parent is one of the most transformative phases in life; pushing us to be better, stronger and gain more responsibility. Parenthood, of course, comes with its challenges, but most will agree that assuming the role of mother or father, or both, brings unparalleled fulfillment; something that each and every one of us deserves to experience if desired.

There are many reasons why an intended parent may consider surrogacy; some struggle with infertility or underlying health issues, and some may not have found a life partner or don’t want one. Thanks to modern medicine, there are several family-building options now available and our Be Parent team is here to guide single intended parents on the best fit.

How is surrogacy different for single parents?

Non-traditional family models are on the rise worldwide and more and more single parents are looking to pursue surrogacy in order to create a family. Single intended parents need to follow the same steps as intended couples, with a few notable exceptions.

In both cases, In vitro fertilization (IVF) is used to create an embryo, which is transferred to and carried to term by a surrogate carrier. The main difference between single-parent surrogacy and surrogacy for couples is the need for an egg or sperm donor. To be more specific, if you are a single man considering surrogacy, you will require donated eggs to created embryos, while a single woman will require donated sperm.

The pros and cons of single-parent surrogacy

When it comes to starting a family, single intended parents should consider all the benefits and challenges of a surrogacy journey before starting the process.


  • Individuals are able to achieve parenthood, even without a partner
  • Single intended parents can maintain a biological tie with their child
  • Surrogacy can create a bonded and long-term relationship between families and surrogate carriers
  • Single-parent surrogacy can be easier than adoption as many birth mothers opt for two-parent homes


  • Surrogacy carries significant expense and single parents may face additional difficulties budgeting with one income
  • It can be more difficult for an intended parent to manage the twists and turns of a surrogacy journey alone or traveling alone to a foreign country if pursuing surrogacy abroad
  • Single parents may face stigma throughout the surrogacy process and following the birth of their baby
  • Managing time and resources as a single parent can be difficult

    Even though the challenges of surrogacy as a single person may seem daunting,

they aren’t insurmountable. Over the years, our Be Parent team has tailored its program framework so intended parents of all statuses can achieve their dream of parenthood. Our network of collaborators, cryo-couriers and shippers allow intended parents to send their gametes in lieu of a trip, at lesser cost, so we can proceed with the fertilization process without the need for foreign intended parents to leave home and travel overseas. We strive to keep fees as low as possible while providing top quality care.

When did single parent surrogacy become legal?

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t entertain the idea of me being a dad. My whole life has been pointing to this.” These words belong to David, a single intended father embarking on his surrogacy journey, as aired by BBC Three’s documentary “The Surrogates”. Although David’s journey to fatherhood started many years prior, surrogacy only became an option for him, a few years ago.

Legal parentage for single parents is only a relatively recent change, but one to be greatly celebrated. Until 2019, a single person could not pursue surrogacy and be named as a sole legal parent; the law stated that intended parents must be part of a couple (a marriage, civil partnership or de facto relationship). On January 1st, 2019, this long-awaited change in the law came into play, allowing single intended parents to build their family through surrogacy. David was one of the first single fathers to benefit from this legal amendment and his experience launched a boom in single-parent surrogacy journeys.

If you are single and considering surrogacy, reach us at Our Be Parent team of consultants is ready to help.


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