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What is the Cost of Surrogacy? – Everything You Need to Know

Cost of surrogacy in details

Surrogacy costs play a major role in the decision-making process of intended parents. No family is complete without a child – a bundle of joy, happiness and unconditional love. Sadly, not every couple can conceive a child naturally – some people are physically unable to carry a child due to biological reasons. This is where the astonishing achievements of modern medicine come in – thanks to surrogacy, a dream of having a child can come true for couples who are meant to become parents. If you’re considering conceiving a child with the help of medical experts and a surrogacy agency, surrogacy price is definitely a topic you need to research. 

The overall price range of surrogacy varies between $30,000 – $100,000. Since every couple and each case is different, surrogacy costs are not the same for every intended parent. Here, at Be Parent we approach each of our intended parents individually to give them emotional and professional support through this magical journey, full of ups and downs. Having an individual approach means that our team numbers each procedure a couple must undergo and then calculates the whole amount of costs to guarantee that our patients don’t pay more than needed. But there are some fees that are irreplaceable and are involved in surrogacy costs. These fees include surrogate mother cost, fertility treatment cost, surrogacy cost for legal support, insurance cost and agency fee. If you’re an intended parent who needs guidance for surrogacy costs,  we’re here to go through each of them step by step:

Surrogate mother cost

Surrogate mothers play a major role in surrogacy – they are the carriers of your future baby and they have the honor of expanding your family. Even though these amazing, courageous women make this decision out of the good of their hearts and their own selflessness, intended parents need to pay base compensation and a monthly allowance to their surrogate to cover all pregnancy-related costs and compensate her for her time, energy and sacrifices.

The amount of surrogate mother cost varies and it depends on several factors, like the course of her pregnancy. The price changes if the surrogate is experienced in surrogacy and is well accustomed to the process. The compensation also covers her insurance. Surrogate mother receives monthly allowances to cover her expenses, in addition to the supplemental payments for maternity clothes and many more things a pregnant woman might need. 

Fertility treatment costs 

If you’re one of the couples who are struggling with infertility and you’ve just started looking for options to have a baby, fertility costs might be a little staggering for you. Fertility costs make up a big part of surrogacy price. There are many kinds of fertility treatments – ovulation induction, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and treatment assistance. Intended parents, their egg donors and/or surrogate mothers go through numerous examinations until they find the right fertility treatments for them. This process is pretty long-term and pricey, but with the right surrogacy agency everything runs smooth and at the end, your baby will be conceived! 

Surrogacy cost for legal support 

Sadly, surrogacy isn’t legal everywhere and only certain countries allow it. And the countries that allow this magical process have a myriad of laws surrounding it, which complicates the legal aspects of it. This is why every intended couple needs a legal professional who’s experienced in surrogacy laws and can weigh in on matters related to enforceability of surrogacy contracts. Intended parents also need a dependable guide through the process, beginning from drafting the contract between the intended parents and their gestational carrier, to securing their parental rights, ending with ensuring a safe and unproblematic exit process. 

As you can see, intended parents need the help of a professional experienced in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law. This is why the service of attorneys are included in surrogacy cost. 

Agency service fee 

Your chosen agency carries the responsibility of helping you achieve your dreams and take a healthy, happy baby home to its family. Surrogacy journeys take an impressive amount of time, effort and energy, and a big team of dedicated individuals! Be Parent manages your entire surrogacy from start to a successful end. This includes a list of events, such as screening and matching with your carrier and egg donor, supporting your journey while educating and guiding you through the whole process, managing your trust account and doing all of the legal work to avoid any future complications. This is why agency fee makes up a part of surrogacy cost – your agency fee covers the management of your entire journey, plus intended parent legal fees, and all accounting and medical billing costs. We believe that each person behind this hard work and an amazing achievement must be compensated fairly. The immense feeling of making others happy is rewarding and reminds us why we love what we do!  

Other surrogacy costs 

It’s important to remember that there may be some uncalculated expenses included in surrogacy cost. For example, if you’re pursuing surrogacy outside your home country, you’ll need to travel to where your surrogate mother and your chosen agency are. Traveling can be time-consuming, as well as expensive, so Be Parent has partnered up with various companies to make your surrogacy journey more comfortable and affordable – meaning that our associates can deliver your eggs or sperm in an extremely safe way, so that you don’t need to travel back and forth, which saves a lot of your funds. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there may be some important expenses you’ll need to cover, so keep a track of your funds and save some of it just in case anything comes on the surface. 

Why choose Be Parent?

Our team is very experienced in surrogacy. Not just because we’ve been working in this field for years, but also because we’ve been where you are right now – desperate, heartbroken and hopeless, not being able to fill our homes with the laughter of a baby. This is why we’re always motivated to be better, to do everything in our power to help other couples and/or single intended parents to experience the same kind of joy we’ve been blessed with. Our love of the work we do has pushed us to make more than 200 couples happy! During these four adventurous years we’ve managed to grow our community in more than 40 countries and establish our reputation as one of the most trustworthy, guiding, supportive agencies out there. Our success rate speaks for itself – we know how to make miracles happen from our own personal experience. 

A big part of making miracles happen is making surrogacy as affordable as we can, and we’ve worked tirelessly to offer fair costs of surrogacy to all of our intended parents. Here, at Be Parent you’ll understand just how important a transparent paying system is – Our team sends each of our intended parents a file with discreetly calculated fees they need to pay, and our patients see exactly where their money is going. We know that not everyone can pay at the same pace and some of our intended parents need some extra time to afford their own miracle, so we’ll create an individual payment system that will be comfortable for everyone included in this journey!

We promise to guide and lead you through your surrogacy journey while always staying true to our values – the most important thing for us is a guaranteed happy ending! So, if you’re considering going through surrogacy, book a consultation with our team! 


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