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Be Parent Celebrates the Hollies

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The love light gleamed in Georgia, through the month of December, as Be Parent celebrated the holidays.

The festive period shares with us a common tie – it pays tribute to family in all its forms. For this reason we make sure to honor the season and acknowledge the many people who contributed in making Be Parent flourish this year. In Georgia, Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January but presents are traditionally brought to children by “Tovlis Papa” (which means “Grandfather Snow”) on the 31st of December. On Christmas Day, ‘Alilo’, or parading in the streets, is a long-standing tradition. Some people carry Georgian flags, while others might be dressed as people from the Christmas story.

Our wellness workshops continued through December with special attention on seasonal diet and relaxation strategies, as the bustle of the holidays intensifies by month’s end. Group classes took place weekly offering light yoga and mindfulness exercises for team-members in need of winding-down.

Our “2022 All Wrapped Up” newsletter was delivered to our intended parents, fittingly on the 22nd, in a nod to the traditional family practice of sending annual updates to loved ones across the miles. While we have social media to keep us consistently connected nowadays, these newsletters used to be posted and awaited with much anticipation. We were sure to include all of Be Parent’s 2022 highlights!

The happiest day in December is always Be Parent’s holiday party which took place this year on December 23rd on Mskheta St. In our Georgia branch office, directors, medical staff, our donation team and surrogate partners all gathered together to celebrate the families we’ve helped make this year, the ones in creation and the ones still to build. All have been busy making a variety of Georgian specialties for the occasion and ornaments, in our signature purple, transformed the space and our 3m tall Christmas tree. Presents for our surrogate team members and each of their children, were passed out as the temperature dipped to -1 outside, promising just maybe a glimpse of snow.

Best practice initiatives call for a hiatus on all non-emergent processes as our surrogate team-members enjoy a peaceful holiday and focus on their children and families. This month’s rest recognizes the physical exertion of IVF treatment and pregnancy and the significant role the body plays in bringing new life. Both body and soul benefit from this time and are restored for the journey ahead. Be Parent offices close from the 24th until the 10th of January. We look forward to the promise the new year has in store and continuing to make miracles happen in 2023.


oto mekhashishvili