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We’ve got your surrogacy journey fully covered

“I help build families – what’s your superpower?” reads a trendy t-shirt worn by one
of our surrogate partners in Georgia. Surrogates are often referred to as ‘superheroes’ or
‘walking angels’. It’s difficult to completely dispel this stereotype and I’m not even sure we
should. Whether involved in an altruistic or commercial surrogacy journey, every surrogate
carrier is sharing the most precious gift of self, placing her time, and emotional and physical
health on the line for another.
But the truth is…there is no superhuman element to surrogacy. Aside from the triple-screenings
we have in place, to ensure our surrogate team is as fit and equipped as possible starting off,
there’s no protective forcefield surrounding a surrogacy journey. Just like any pregnancy, prenatal, gestational and post-natal complications can be a reality. Genetic screening processes in
IVF, such as PGTM or PGTA testing may offer a leg-up in regards to early detection at the
embryonic level, but even full-scope screening doesn’t immunize surrogacy from misfortune.
Restless nights and the silent prayer ‘let all be well’ are hallmarks of any pregnancy, but,
compounded by the anxiety and loss of control intended parents feel during the surrogacy
experience, especially from a distance, nine months can feel like nine hundred. When a newborn
lets out it’s first forceful wail – there’s a sweet relief to be sure, but that internal plea, whispered
in unison by surrogates, and intended mothers and fathers – ‘please, let all be well’ – lingers still.

What does full surrogacy health coverage look like in Georgia?

Included in every program we provide:
• Full maternity medical insurance including loss of fertility, miscarriage, and maternal death
• Full spectrum coverage for newborns including over one month of neonatal intensive care
• Pre and postnatal routine care of both the surrogate carrier and newborn
• Accredited Doula support for surrogates and intended parents
• Hospitalization, bedrest, incubation, and prematurity care
• Vaginal and caesarean delivery expenses
• Newborn vaccination panel
• Prescription medication
• Covid isolation treatment
• Emergency services and ambulance charges
• Mental health services
• Post-partum counseling and support

Preventive Care

Surrogate and baby wellness

Even with conscientious screening measures and ideal nutrition and self care, the risk of
accident, infection and illness is nonetheless present. In addition to external factors, gestational
onset disorders such as those related to blood pressure, anemia, and uterine and placental health
can lead to unforeseen complications during the course of a pregnancy. Having immediate access
to treatment for any health concern, big or small, can’t be overvalued during a surrogacy journey
in order to prevent grave and possible long-term health problems for both the baby and the
surrogate partner.
Milestone ultrasound checkpoints, ensure babies are developing according to schedule and can
be instrumental in detecting potential issues even in the first trimester. Two sonograms are
typically offered during a routine pregnancy in the UK; between weeks 10-14 and 18-21. Our
program health coverage allows twice as many scans, reassuring our surrogate team that their
health is a top priority. As well as providing comfort to intended parents at a distance, additional
ultrasound screenings (in moderation) predict healthy fetal growth through the passing of each
gestational phase.

Prioritizing peace of mind

Confidence creates peace of mind. Providing full maternity and antenatal insurance for every
member of our surrogate team, and the babies we welcome, ensures that we uphold best practice
standards across our surrogacy program options.

Financial and ethical security

Surrogate welfare is of prime importance to intended parents, just as it is to us. Feeling
responsible when a surrogate is experiencing standard pregnancy discomfort is commonplace,
but, if health implications become more serious, intended parents can feel guilty and
devastatingly conscience-stricken.
Many prospective parents sacrifice and deplete their savings to be able to finance IVF processes
and build their family through surrogacy. Medical expenses, especially if unforeseen, for the
surrogate or baby, can bring added stress and anxiety for new parents already adjusting to
program costs and the associated expense of parenthood. Complete built-in health coverage,
from the very beginning of any journey, allows a baby’s much-awaited birthday to be celebrated
with all the undivided happiness and enthusiasm it deserves.

Expecting the unexpected

The first thing intended parents ask me is “what can we expect?” followed by “when are we
expecting?” and then “what are we expecting?” Expectation is in the fabric of a surrogacy
journey and the very foundation of pregnancy.
By the time intended parents are contemplating surrogacy, they have had enough of
uncertainty…experienced it in spades and in all its forms. They’ve dealt with unexpected
diagnoses, unexpected disappointments and almost always a divergent life path; not the one they
expected or planned for. They’ve been programmed to be doubtful and to expect the unexpected.
Full health coverage in surrogacy is not only the safest and most responsible solution for all
parties involved on a journey, but one predictable element intended parents can rely on.
Providing confidence that everyone’s health is as safeguarded as possible, is an agency’s first
step in assuring that ‘all will be well’.


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