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For Potential Surrogate Carriers: Understanding ‘Parenting Pioneers’ a.k.a ‘Intended Parents’

Intended Parents and surrogacy

‘Intended Parents’ refer to individuals facing challenges in conceiving naturally, prompting them to opt for surrogacy to fulfill their dream of starting or expanding their family. These singles and couples, play a pivotal role in shaping your surrogacy journey. As a surrogate carrier, you will naturally develop a close relationship with them and be one, of potentially few, to know their personal story and the reasons behind their decision to build their family in this way. While the specific reasons behind each person’s decision to embark on a surrogacy journey vary, common threads exist in their motivations. Understanding Intended Parents’ past experiences is crucial to anticipating their expectations

Who are Intended Parents?

Intended Parents are typically individuals who have encountered prolonged difficulties in conceiving a biological child through traditional means or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Their greatest aspiration is to become parents and establish their own family which has pushed them to explore various options, including undertaking a surrogacy journey. Intended Parents include single men and women, same-sex and heterosexual couples grappling with underlying disease, infertility,reproductive complications, the lack of a partner, advanced age or delayed family planning repercussions. Unfortunately, the prevalence of couples facing infertility is on the rise, affecting not only women but also men dealing with sperm or reproductive organ issues. As a result, the number of individuals seeking infertility services to achieve parenthood is increasing.

Why Choose Surrogacy?

Often, Intended Parents have already undergone emotionally and physically taxing IVF attempts before turning to surrogacy when these efforts prove unsuccessful. This choice is especially common among those desiring a biological child, particularly if they have surplus embryos from previous IVF cycles. Opting for surrogacy allows Intended Parents, not only a chance at a genetic link, but also enables them to be closely involved throughout the pregnancy. While not all Intended Parents have prior experience with IVF, the surrogacy process opens the door for all to at least have the option of a biological connection with their child. The surrogate partner is an indispensable part of this journey and despite potential challenges, and there are many, the surrogacy process is worthwhile for all sides when new life is created. As a first step, all surrogate candidates should successfully meet our eligibility requirements and then schedule an in-person appointment to discuss your personal motivations and circumstances. In-depth screening processes and training opportunities will follow to ensure you are equipped both physically and emotionally and that you have a solid understanding of the legal and health demands ahead.Regardless of the underlying issues causing conception challenges, Be Parent is here to help. Our specialists ensure confidential consultations to explore all options, while providing comfort and security as we work together to achieve family building goals. If you are considering surrogacy, as a potential carrier or intended parent, please schedule an appointment with a Be Parent representative via our website:


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