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Surrogacy development and Regulations in Georgia

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Regulations about surrogacy in Georgia are quite flexible, which makes the country one of the greatest destinations for surrogacy and IVF also. Since 1997, when surrogacy became legal in Georgia, laws surrounding this matter have become way more advanced and fit for foreign intended parents. By today’s constitution, Georgian law allows for altruistic as well as commercial surrogacy.

By the laws, egg and sperm donations are allowed if the couple needs these options. In Georgia, the donor identity is disclosed to the intended parents. Here at Be Parent we have our own egg donor database, so we can provide wide range of egg donors, including Caucasian(Nordic European), Caucasian (Mediterranean European), Asian, African and Jewish egg donors, upon  request.

According to Georgian laws, the birth certificate will be issued within 5 business days following the birth of the child and the names of intended parents will be placed on the birth certificate, which excludes any future issues. The intended parents don’t need to have signed consent from the surrogate in order to be named as the legal parents of the baby– unlike some countries that require the surrogate to relinquish her rights upon the birth of the child.

Even though the laws regarding surrogacy are near perfect in Georgia, there has been a big change in regulations recently. To be exact, since 2020, intended parents that wish to pursue surrogacy in Georgia have to be married or have been living in extramarital relationship for at least a year prior to addressing the surrogacy procedure. But, if the couple doesn’t have a marriage certificate, there a list of documents which are acceptable for a surrogacy journey in Georgia.

Recommendations regarding certification of surrogacy

There are several documents you need to have on you if you want to pursue surrogacy in Georgia without any complications. We strongly advice all intended parents to gather all of these documents beforehand. 

These documents include: 
Proof of marriage issued by a religious organization and/or representative of any confession. At the same time, from the viewpoint of religion, the fact of marriage must have occurred at least a year ago; 
Document from a respective financial organization or a notarized agreement confirming the couple’s joint credit/pecuniary obligations. These obligations must have arisen at least a year ago;
Agreement on Extracorporeal Fertilization [Surrogacy] concluded at least a year ago, according to the legislation effective as of the date of signature of the agreement;
Certificate issued by a bank confirming the couple’s joint bank account active for at least a year and showing transactions performed jointly and/or separately by the couple;
– Existence of the couple’s common child which is confirmed by the birth certificate;

The court acts confirming the facts of the couple’s living together or sharing a common household for at least a year;

The fact of the couple’s living at the same address for at least a year which is confirmed by duly certified agreements [for example, rent agreements] which have not expired year;
– Duly notarized marriage contract between the couple made at least a year ago;
Certificate from a medical institution confirming information about the ineffective treatment of the couple for the purpose of having a child and showing the situation of at least a year;
Other public documents issued in the foreign country which are not included in the list but establish the couple’s cohabitation in fact by their content;
Any document issued in the foreign country must be submitted in a legalized and/or apostilled form.
A.B.A- Always Be Apostiling

What is a Power of Attorney used for?

According to Georgian legislations, we have to sign surrogacy contract before embryo transfer. Surrogacy contract is signed by the surrogate mother, the egg donor (if egg donor was used) and the intended parents. Since, most of the time IPs are not in Georgia at the embryo transfer, we ask our IPs to give us power of attorney. This is one of the most important documents in surrogacy journey, because without POA, we can’t do much. With power of attorney, you are giving us right to sign contract about surrogacy and egg donation on behalf of you, to represent you at Georgian justice service hall, civil registry and medical institutions.

Everything about surrogate mothers:

Social-economical background, Family support
Surrogate mothers for Australian Citizens
Communication with surrogate mother
After birth care of surrogate mothers

There are many conspiracy theories regarding surrogate mothers. The most popular ones that probably each of us have heard is that women who decide to become surrogate mothers are usually very poor, can’t support themselves or their children, and carrying another couple’s baby seems like a last resort for them.

Another popular presumption about these heroic women are that they never have the support of their family, their partners, or society. We’re glad to be able to say that in our case, these assumptions are completely untrue – Be Parent has many requirements for surrogate mothers, which demands that women must be financially stable on their own and being a surrogate must not be their only source of income. In addition to that, they must lead a stable and responsible lifestyle, be content with the direction their life is heading to and surrogacy must have a symbolic, special meaning to them. We’re looking for women who have full support of their family members and partners/husbands. Also, the surrogate and her partner/or in Australian case primary support person must agree to participate in a social work screening. We believe that surrogates who have their life figured out and are supported by their surrounding people will have successful pregnancy and give birth to healthy, happy children.

After the matching process with surrogate mothers, our team organizes video meetings between the two parties. We will also organize group chat between IP and SM, so they can develop connections during the pregnancy.
The maximum number of embryos per transfer is two embryos. Healthy embryo transfer is followed by the pregnancy stage, which is usually the longest step in your surrogacy journey. During this step, you’ll continue to develop a strong bond with the surrogate mother, as we update you on the pregnancy development. Intended parents are updated after each ultrasound check-in and appointment the surrogate might have to take, with reports, photos and videos. Besides this update, after we move to pregnancy stage, your surrogate mother will have an appointed nurse from Be Parent team, who will do weekly basis check-ups with surrogate mother and you will get weekly reports from nurses as well. This surrogacy process and timeline overview give parents an idea of what makes up a surrogacy journey and they are fully invested in their baby’s growth.

Our surrogate mothers are taken care of by professionals during their pregnancy, but we value their health and wellbeing to the point to look after them postpartum, ensure that both their mental and physical health is in perfect condition. This is why our agency stands out from many others – with us, intended parents and surrogate mothers are treated utmost respect and care.

Your favorite part: Exit Process

When we reach 6 months of pregnancy, we ask our intended parents to start preparing all the necessary documents for their particular embassy, and from our side, legal team representative will provide all required documents, in order to save time after the birth of the magical baby!

While we are waiting for passport of your baby(ies), our team representative will help our intended parents with baby’s doctor appointments, if they need assistance, a nanny will be provided to them. After discharge from maternity clinic, our team will invite our dear intended parents and their baby for our welcome party and say farewell to them with love and blessings!

So, if you’ve decided to pursue surrogacy in the best destination possible, you can contact our consultants right away!


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