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Surrogate Mother and Pregnancy Care

Surrogate Pregnancy
One of the important steps in the surrogacy process is taking special care for a surrogate mother.  She will be carrying your baby- it is so amazing! Because of the surrogate mother’s selfless gift of the miracle of life, Be Parent strongly believes that every surrogate mother deserves the highest level of respect and care at every step of the surrogacy journey. If you choose  Be Parent fertility program with surrogacy, or you are considering becoming a surrogate, the following is a detailed outline of what you can expect to experience with us.  As soon as the surrogacy is received, the program is passed to the next step. Everything is so well-organized at Be Parent. Our coordinator is in charge of updating the parents about the progress of the pregnancy. 

And Here We Start

The First ultrasound scan is done 2-3 weeks after the HCG test. This Ultrasound confirms that we have one or two fetuses, but may still not show the heartbeat. Repeated Ultrasound is done two weeks after the first scan and the heartbeat will be identified as well. In fact, this is the final confirmation of the pregnancy for parents.  From this time, you as a parent are able to be in everyday contact with the coordinator. Check how the surrogate is feeling, arrange the skype/zoom call if you require so, and be completely flexible to ask for any kind of information. The coordinator of Be Parent is sending the ultrasound scans, test results, doctor reports, medication details, and all necessary information to the parents. Our coordinators are instructed and obliged to keep parents informed if there is an emergency, for example, if the surrogate mother needs to be hospitalized or she has any kind of inconvenience or medical complication.  Parents need to be fully involved in the process of surrogacy no matter good or bad, they need to be a part of the whole process whether they are here, in Georgia or not. Taking care of the surrogate mother should be the priority for them. 

Taking Care of Surrogate Mother Mental Health

The mental and psychological health of a surrogate mother is as important as her physical health, that’s why from the very beginning of surrogacy, the surrogate mothers go through psychological checkups.  During the whole pregnancy we support and cheer the surrogate mother:
  • The coordinators of  Be Parent are available at all times, 24/7;
  • We have constant communication with the surrogate mothers and also with their family members to make sure they are  healthy, safe, and comfortable;
  • Our agency encourages and supports surrogate mothers  to participate  in activities that bring them joy;
  • We are always highlighting their importance to us and especially to the parents-to-be;
  • Of course, all timely medical check-ups are done to them including psychological counseling.
  • Psychological  care for stress and anxiety; 

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle 

Both the surrogate mother and the baby benefit from the mother living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Be Parent provides educational training for every surrogate mother that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Topics that are discussed are:
  • Avoiding alcohol and smoking;
  • Getting enough sleep and adequate rest;
  • Mild exercise and walking in the fresh air;
  • Self-care and personal hygiene;
By discussing these topics with our surrogate mothers, we hope to instill values in them that promote their well-being and their ability to carry a healthy, full-term pregnancy. The importance of rest relaxation serves as a reminder to stay as stress-free as possible by taking breaks throughout the day or even going to bed early.

Nutrition Monitoring of a Surrogate Mother

One of the most important components of leading a healthy lifestyle for the surrogate mother is proper nutrition. As the fetus develops, the surrogate mother will need to nourish her body properly to protect the baby from a variety of medical conditions and consequences, including miscarriage and brain hypoxia. We also provide educational training to explain the critical importance of proper nutrition for both mother and baby with sufficient nutrients. Nutritious diets restrict the consumption of:
  • Caffeine
  • Junk food
  • Unhealthy carbs
  • Sugar
Be Parent has nurses and pregnancy care coordinators on staff who consistently monitor our surrogate mothers and remind them, as needed, to adhere to their physician’s prescriptions and vitamin or hormonal pill intake. 

Staying in contact with the Surrogate

Well, if parents desire, we welcome them to stay in touch with the surrogate mother during the pregnancy. However, Be Parent does not encourage them to do this, because the surrogate mother may start feeling uncomfortable. So, in order to pass everything in a proper way, we need to be the main contact person with them and parents can have Skype conversations using our help if they require it.  If the parents arrive in Georgia during the pregnancy of the surrogate mother, Be Parent Team is more than happy to arrange their meeting. This is a great pleasure for us and surrogate mothers feel  valuable. 

Baby Delivery

In Georgia, Be Parent works with different Delivery Hospitals such as Imedi Clinic, Gagua Clinic, and Gudushauri Clinic.  If the surrogate mother had a previous Cesarean Section, or the surrogate mother is pregnant on twins or has any medical indicator that she needs to perform C-Section, then the clinic will perform it. Otherwise, it can be demanded neither from the parents nor from the surrogate mother’s side to perform Cesarean Delivery.  In the majority of the cases, natural delivery takes place. 

Planning the Arrival for the Baby Delivery

  • In the case there is C-Section planning, it is easier to plan the arrival dates for the parents. However, the exact date will only be known 3-5 days before delivery. For this reason, the parents are requested to be on standby all the time. 
When our agency has cesarean delivery, most of the parents are already in Georgia and they are in the clinic to welcome the baby or babies. 
  • If we have a natural delivery, we depend on the dates the doctor writes in the report for the intended delivery time. Parents are informed based on the report as well. 

Intended Parents Arrival Time 

Some parents arrive in Georgia in the mentioned weeks and are waiting for the delivery, while some prefer the coordinator to tell them that delivery has started and they arrive on the very next day. In this case,  the parents are not presented while delivery takes place, but they are with the babies from the very next day of their arrival. Babies are discharged from the hospital on the third or fourth day after delivery if of course there is no complication and no further staying is required. If parents are willing to stay in the maternity clinic while their surrogate mothers are there for additional fees of charge, they can stay in VIP luxury rooms and be with babies for the whole day.  For a surrogate mother, the birth of the baby is usually seen as the end of the journey. She has completed her role and for intended parents and for surrogate babies, the birth is just the beginning of an entire life! For everyone, it can be so emotional!  So, if you plan to become a surrogate mother, you already know that we are here for you! Surrogacy Journey and Pregnancy Care with Be Parent is always so comfortable and reliable!  Be Parent is a place where Surrogate mothers are taken care of the best!


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