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Surrogacy: How and Who Does it Help?

What is surrogacy?

What is surrogacy?

Creating a family and giving birth is one of life’s most cherished experiences. For some, fertility is an ongoing challenge or can become suddenly compromised. This is where surrogacy comes in.

Surrogacy involves a third party gestational carrier to carry a pregnancy to term for another. There are two types of surrogacy: traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy entails a genetic link between the carrier and baby through the use of the surrogate’s own gametes or eggs. Gestational surrogacy, on the other hand, involves a surrogate carrier who is not related to the child she is carrying and requires the participation of an egg donor. The surrogacy process begins by matching with a surrogate partner, then completing the required contractual legalities and proceeding to pregnancy through in-vitro fertilization [IVF].

It may seem inconceivable that a surrogate carrier would voluntarily undertake the sacrifice and the demands of pregnancy for an individual or couple she doesn’t know. Surrogate candidates are all mothers themselves and understand the value of parenthood. Being able to provide this gift and, in turn, receive compensation so as to realize personal goals, is both fulfilling and rewarding.

Although still sometimes misunderstood and stigmatized, surrogacy remains one of the most successful options to achieve live birth. It is a way for intended parents, who otherwise could not have a child of their own, realize their dream of parenthood.

Who requires surrogacy?

There are several reasons to consider surrogacy as a family-building option. Many women suffer from infertility or cannot carry or give birth themselves. This is mainly due to underlying disease, health conditions which make pregnancy

dangerous for mother or baby, age, genetic anomalies or trauma. Surrogacy is also required for single men or same-sex couples who are wanting to start a family.

Why do you need a surrogacy agency?

An agency, through great experience and a wide network of facilitators, helps ensure a surrogacy journey is smooth from beginning to end. Agency staff assists in coordinating a surrogate match that fits your specific needs and preferences and helps to ensure the process remains on budget, saving you time and expense.

Surrogacy agencies act as a liaison between the surrogate partner and intended parent, and orchestrate each step of the surrogacy process so that everyone involved remains connected and is knowledgeable of journey developments at all times.

An agency will help you review legalities and assist intended parents to decide which clinic/hospital to use. They coordinate medical care throughout pregnancy, birth and delivery and are trained in mediating any conflicts that may arise.

Why choose Be Parent?

We know that the surrogacy process is a kaleidoscope of joys and stresses, some of which require careful planning and others which occur spontaneously. At Be Parent, we understand the process inside and out and provide consistent support from A to Z.

In keeping with our philosophy that each one of us deserves a family, we strive to keep program cost as affordable as possible, while still offering quality service.
We also appreciate that ‘time is of the essence’, as most intended parents have already been waiting, for what feels like a lifetime, to build their family. We strive to match surrogate partners and intended parents as quickly as possible, and provide thorough screening measures to ensure a holistic pairing for a positive and successful journey.


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