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What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy: How and Who Does it Help?

What is surrogacy? Creating a family and giving birth is one of life’s most cherished experiences. For some, fertility is an ongoing challenge or can

surrogacy Step by Step

5 steps of surrogacy process

Making the decision to expand your family, through surrogacy, is a life-changing one. Before taking this important step, you need to know the timeframe and

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Surrogacy and Georgian Regulations

Georgian surrogacy regulations are flexible, making the country one of the most popular destinations for surrogacy and IVF. Since its legalization in 1997, laws have

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Surrogacy for UK Intended Parents

Having a family is a privilege, and for many, a hard-won blessing that doesn’t come easily. Thanks to advanced reproductive technology and surrogacy options, modern-day

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Can Polycystosis Cause Infertility?

Female infertility can be attributed to a number of diseases and disorders. Thanks to modern medicine many of these are now treatable, while others lead

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Polycystosis and Female Weight Gain

Do you suffer from Polycystosis (PCOS) or find yourself gaining weight despite concerted efforts to eat healthily and stay in shape? Female Anatomy Is Different